Frozen Path is a friends and family WoW guild on Hellfire-EU. Our focus is on 10 man raiding, but some of us also enjoy arenas and BGs. We're not hard-core, but we like to think we're good ;).

MurppiRaiding mains:


We've recently started raiding in Cataclysm. Check WoWProgress or GuildOx below for up-to-date progress.

We have tabard (2010-05-29)

Frozen Path guild crestIt was time for a new tabard. The new guild crest design was decided upon in true democratic fashion with half the guild around the same computer arguing for an hour over a few too many beers. The end result is astonishing and clearly symbolized both Frozen and Path.

Rusted (2010-05-26)

RustedAfter one of our healers returned from abroad we were once again able to go into Ulduar and complete the remaining achivements for our Rusted Proto-Drakes. Yogg+1 was a breeze with T10 gear :).

Afterparty at Bolvar's (2010-04-18)

BolvarIt tooks us a number of tries and a couple of respecs (our normal composition does not have replenishment), but we did manage to defeat the Lich King as the first 10 man strict guild on the realm*. The kill was done with the 10% Wrynn buff. The afterparty was held at Bolvar's new throne as seen on the right and the video below.

*) We are no longer considered a strict guild due to people pugging Marrowgar 25 - we were when we got the LK kill.

Thanks to our PUG healer Valles and a special thanks to Partyboy and Simome who were with us for most of the wipes but unfortunately not on the actual kill.

Sarth Zerged (2009-12-06)

Getting a bit tired of wiping on Firefigther, we decided to go zerg Sartharion with drakes. Not exactly a pretty kill as our healers don't have the best DPS gear but at least we got the titles for those of us that hadn't done it before.

Yoghurt God downed (2009-11-24)

YoggAfter finally being able to spend some decent time on Yogg, we managed to get him down with a clean kill (Drive Me Crazy).

Back in business (2009-09-27)

OnyxiaAfter a long period of not raiding, we finally have enough 80s in our guild to do semi-proper guild runs. Onyxia goes down first, ToC gets cleared a few resets later.

Kel'Kebab eaten (2009-01-13)

Kel'KebabIn January the three of us with level 80s lead a few PUG runs through Naxxramas. Getting Safty dance with PUGs was quite nice. :)

Kara cleared (Fall 2008)

Sometime during fall 2008, five of us get a PUG together and clear Karazhan a couple of times.

Frozen Path founded (2008-06-28)

MurlocHaving reached six people playing the game somewhat regularly, we decide to form our own guild. Deciding the name was quite difficult, I believe we wanted something winter-themed as many of our characters had started leveling in Dun Morogh. Frozen Path was the first name the majority of us didn't object to.


Nope, none, never. Unless you known any of our existing members outside of the game. If you're looking for a 10 man raiding guild, Avengers of the Light is a friendly bunch.